Volunteering is part of the fabric of the Murrumba Downs Family Dental team

This is a treasured part of who we are as a dental group, so thank you for visiting this page.

Before Covid-19 closed international borders, our efforts to help those in dental need was in full swing.

It was and always will be a humbling experience, to be accepted so willingly into communities with so little.

Rather than write the story, we thought this one might be best told by photos.

Dr. Fred along with assistants Rebecca and Kayla, have spent time in Cambodia on multiple occasions in 2017 and 2019, treating exclusively children without parents or those with parents who cannot look after them. A phone light was used when the power and water failed, resulting in challenging circumstances.

We have had the privilege of helping thousands of people. They lead incredibly difficult lives and are amazingly happy despite their circumstances.

The influence of the western diet has wreaked havoc with their teeth and it is a serious concern. We felt in many ways helpless given the never-ending number of children requiring extensive dental care. However, with each step, we can at least make a difference. The not-for-profit organisation that looks after the children is called M’Lop Tapang, and here is their facebook link.

The organisation is incredibly well run by many committed people. The dental side is run exclusively so far by Australian dentists volunteering their time. Hats off to the kids for being happy and positive 100% of the time; it was inspiring.

We look forward to continuing these volunteering efforts at the first available opportunity once the world returns to normal.

Below is a scattering of phone pictures taken throughout the trips. Apologies for the lower resolution.