Root canal therapy cures pain and tooth abscesses

Root canal therapy is a  excellent, highly successul treatment option for many patients.

If you are suffering discomfort, or outright toothache, then careful diagnosis will reveal if this is the procedure of choice. At our practice we go to great lengths to make any treatment relaxing and pain free. Please do not stress about having a root canal treatment. It is generally a gentle, quiet and pain-free procedure.

What does a root canal treatment involve?

Root Canal Therapy involves cleaning out the canal inside the root of a tooth. Cleaning out any infected nerve tissue and bacteria stops the pain and allows the body to heal around the tooth. Often antibiotics will be left inside the tooth for a few weeks to ensure all bacteria are cleaned out before sealing the tooth and placing a filling or crown.

Why should your root canal be done at Murrumba Downs Family Dental?

  • Our dentists are experienced in completing root canal treatments, and in the circumstance where your case may be complex, we have a very close relationship with local Endodontists to make sure you will always be looked after.
  • All treatments are performed as painlessly as possible, albeit with the appropriate time taken for optimal results.
  • Our root canals are all performed using rubber dams to isolate the teeth from saliva and bacterial contamination.
  • Our measurements are made using state-of-the-art apex locaters, rotary instrumentation and digital X-ray systems for perfect accuracy.
  • Only the gold standard in medicaments are used throughout all of our procedures.

Much of what we have just mentioned is technical and intricate in nature. However successful treatment is dependent on the details. Our combination of digital xrays, full range of the latest endodontic equipment and attention to detail, means that we are a premier dental practice for all things root canal.

How to book

If you are a patient and you’d like more information or you’d like to make a booking, please reach out. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our specialist endodontist and team of dentists will ensure you receive world class dental care.