GP Orthodontics at Murrumba Downs Family Dental

Orthodontics at Murrumba Downs Family Dental is efficient, affordable and professional. Our clear aligner options are digitally customized to achieve your best smile in an affordable and efficient manner.

We recommend coming in for a consultation so  we can discuss all of the solutions to your concerns. This way we can do a full assessment, and explore some options you may not even have thought of! Options to straighten teeth now include clear aligners such as angelalign and invisalign and more. It’s a very exciting part of dentistry that gives great results for our patients.

Different approaches

Orthodontics can have a variety of approaches. Straight teeth is definitely the goal, however there are a number of philosophies and ways to get there.

For children, we like to minimise removal of teeth, with a focus on expansion and early intervention orthodontics. This involves expansion of the upper jaw bone and moving the lower jaw forward during the growth phase of the children. By doing this, we create space and minimise the need for teeth removal.

For adults, there is often pre-existing teeth wear and crowding due to limited space. For these patients, we often look at a combination of enamel stripping, edge bonding and whitening in combination with mild expansion using aligners to achieve ideal aesthetic outcomes.

Payment plans

Here at Murrumba Downs Family Dental, we offer interest-free payment plans over 2 years for orthodontics (DentiCare) as well as AfterPay and ZipPay. We are also preferred providers for all major health funds including TUH, HCF, NIB, and Medibank Private.

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Dr Alex Qui
Dr Manfred Lagemann